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Resin skull goblet for Decorations

Resin skull goblet for Decorations

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Name: Resin skull goblet for Decorations

Material: Resin And Stainless Steel 

Style: Three designs 

Dimensions: H 7.67’ W 2.36’’ 

Weight: 410g

Liquid capacity: 301-400ml

The Skull goblet makes a perfect decoration for your home, especially on Halloween. The goblet that is available in three different designs are made of resin and stainless steel and have a capacity of 301-400ml liquid. It is a heavy-duty style goblet that keeps your drink hot or cold for longer. You can use the goblet for decorations or use it as a glass for drinking during Halloween parties. It can be a nice decoration in the garden, office, restaurant or any place you like. 

Resin skull goblets are sold individually in three designs. You can buy singles or have all three in a gift box. It can be used as a fun prop for games or doing rituals at the Halloween party. 

Buy now this interesting skull goblet decoration or check out more similar goblet designs in different colours.