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Fair Gift Shop A Gift for All Occasions

Are you looking for gift ideas because your head is empty? Fair Gift Shop is here for helping you. Do not know what to gift someone on their wedding  gifts or Christmas or Halloween or birthday? Then fret not because we have the easy solution for you. Here we will list the best gift ideas for every occasion. You might already know the 3-gift-rule, one they want, one they need and one for the read. However, there can be plenty of things that can list under these. 

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Here we have out pf plenty, some gift ideas that are all-time popular and will surely be loved by your friend or spouse or family member. 

Handmade Personalized Goods

Nothing beats the handmade gift. Whether you want a wedding gift, Christmas or Halloween Gift or a birthday gift, a gift made by yourself with effort holds a place. There can be plenty of things that you can easily DIY by watching tutorials online. 

Now it depends on what kind of things the person likes. You can make scented candles at home from scratch, which will be cheap and you can customize it as you like. Make snowglobes for your friends, and do not forget to attach a personalized birthday card. If you are celebrating something with your friends then handmade bracelets are the perfect gift to give to your friends. 

 hand made

If you are artsy then a small canvas painted, handcrafted piece or moulded pottery piece would be nice. No matter small or big, something made with personal effort care brings a special meaning to the gift. Nowadays, handmade soap with different designs and decoration is in a trend that you can make easily yourself by watching a tutorial. 

Decoration piece

You can never go wrong with a decorative piece. No matter how young or old or taste a person has, everyone loves decoration stuff. If you are looking for wedding gifts or birthdays gifts or Halloween gifts or Christmas gifts then you can easily gift a decorative piece to anyone. 

There could be many options under this category which depends on what your loved one like. For example, you can get them decorative mugs, action figures of their favourite movie, an incense burner for gothic touch and fresh smell or anything that looks worthy of keeping. You can give it in a decorative box to bring up the value. 

Gift basket 

This is quite a fancy way of giving a gift, a decorated gift basket. You can either buy readymade basket loaded with gifts or assemble one your self. It basically contains different kinds of gifts all in one. When you do not know what thing to gift then buy all and neatly wrap them in a basket. 

It is one of the best wedding gifts you can give or any other occasion for your loved one. The choices of gifts in it vary because you cannot simply give the same stuff to everyone. If your friend is a tea or coffee lover then you can give them something related such as a mug, strainer, coffee/tea bags and etc. if you spouse loves sweets then make a basket loaded with different kind of sweets and chocolates. The key is to combine different but related items. 


Books are the best gift. Whether your friends read or not, giving them one encourages the reading habit and they will actually read it. Search up the genre your friend like and the best one among them that stand out, then gift it to them. Your first choice probably be fiction but it should not be limited to it. Give interesting and motivational books to non-readers to encourage them. Giving books as a gift is never outed idea and always remain the best option. 


You might be thinking it is best to give furniture? It not have to be big chunky furniture but could be small or handy that your loved one might need. Whether it is a wedding, housewarming party or you want an indoor gift or newborn gift idea, furniture might be your last resort. The Furniture in the UK can be easily home delivered and save you the hassle of going out, buying and moving. 

Furniture In Uk

If your friend or family having a newborn or kids birthday, you can gift them a table and chair set or storage units as it can be helpful for them. As for the house warming party or wedding gift, get them small indoor things such as umbrella stand, storage unit drawers, a coffee table, bookshelf, chair or related stuff. 

Fair Gift Shop A Gift for All Occasions

Now you might be wondering where to get those gifts under one website. For your ease, Fair Gift Shop specializes in all kind of gift. Our website is made to fulfil the needs of gift and promoting gift culture in the UK. we have a wide collection of gifts of all kinds. 

Whether you are looking for wedding gifts, Christmas or Halloween gifts, Birthday gifts, holidays gifts, indoor gifts, housewarming party gifts, kids gifts, newborn baby gifts or more, we cover every category. Moreover, we have educational and interactive toys for gifts, home decor, furniture, journals, wall clocks and much more.