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Brand new furniture at low prices In Gloucester UK

Looking for a brand new furniture at an affordable price in Gluocester UK?

We have got you covered with teh best quality adn practical furniture avalible in Gloucester UK right now. You can get all teh piece from Fairgoft Shop and get them delivered at your home in few business days. 

Check out our best sellers right below: 

Brooklyn distressed pine 6 drawer chest  

Do you need a huge, long-lasting storage cabinet for your home? This Brooklyn distressed pine 6 drawer chest cabinet is built entirely of wood and treated in an ebony brown finish. Any interior design, particularly traditional, would make this chest blend in and enhance the overall look of your space. The natural and somewhat distressed finish gives it a crate-like appearance, bringing out the rustic aesthetic. The overall design of the six drawer chest storage cabinet is stylish, rustic, and attractive.

Brooklyn distressed pine 6 drawer chest

Brooklyn distress pine 6 drawer chest cabinet is delivered completely constructed and with removable drawers. Because it is rather heavy, weighing 28 kg, two deliverymen will deliver it and place it where you want it in your home.

Get this brand new furniture at a low price in Gluocester UK

French themed wood cabinet with 4 drawers 70cm

A French-themed wood cabinet with four drawers measuring 70x35cm would be an excellent addition to any home. It's the right size storage unit for any corner or room, and it matches the space's theme well. The French inspired wood cabinet has a rustic exterior and nice paint over wood that gives off a french style vibe. There are only four deep drawers in this drawer cabinet, which are great for keeping your things neatly stowed.

French themed wood cabinet with 4 drawers 70cm

A french themed cushion made of soft fabric sits on top of the storage unit, making it a comfortable bench to sit on when not in use as a storage unit. You won't have to worry about putting it together because it arrives fully assembled; all you have to do is put in the drawers, which are completely removable. Purchase a four-drawer French-themed wood cabinet for your home and use it as a bench and storage.

Revesby 4 Drawer Storage Bench 

Get the Revesby 4 drawer storage bench to properly organise your belongings in four sections of a sturdy bench. It's ideal for anyone searching for a low-cost, tiny storage bench to keep their belongings safe. It's made entirely of wood and features four equal-sized drawers with cream rope knobs for a unique look. Each drawer is deep enough to conveniently tuck your folded garments. The bench is made entirely of dark wood, with a white spot linen fabric on top that is readily removable and clean. It can be used to sit on or to store decorative items on top and other items in the drawers. Purchase a four drawer storage bench for your home dcor or as a housewarming gift for someone else's new home.

Revesby 4 Drawer Storage Bench

Teddy bear four drawer storage cabinet 

Buy Nafenai Plastic Drawers, a kids' furniture and storage solution with a teddy bear design and six open compartments. Because it is made of Paulownia firewood, it is long-lasting, durable, lightweight, and warp-resistant.

Teddy bear four drawer storage cabinet with six units is a charming addition to any child's room. After they've finished playing, they can organise their toys, clothes, and other belongings, as well as decorate them as they see fit. You can use it to keep their clothes and other essentials organised and accessible. It would look great in a nursery, bedroom, library, or classroom.

Teddy bear four drawer storage cabinet organizer unit for children's room

Storage unit with 12 drawers (35 x 15 x 34cm) 

Are you looking to declutter your workplace or your dressing table? This Natural Wooden finish set of 12 drawers may be used for a variety of purposes and is ideal for keeping small items. Solid hardwood drawers with metal knobs and labelling space will not only help you keep any place tidy, but will also help you remember what goes where. A great addition to your workplace desk, as well as helpful storage for little objects on any flat surface in any space.

Storage unit with 12 drawers

Dimensions: 35cm x 15cm x 34cm in size.

Get right away to start working in a clutter-free desk!

Wooden wall hanging unit with cupboard and shelves 

This lovely and rustic storage solution with a cabinet and shelves is ideal for a kitchen, hallway, bedroom, children's room, or even an office! It also includes five hooks on the bottom for keys, tea towels, and dressing gowns, among other things. This item is made of Firwood and has two wall-hanging fittings on the back.

Inside the cupboard is a shelf with interior measurements of 15cm in height, 20cm in width, and 12cm in depth. The storage area is divided into six sections:

Dimensions: 16 x 39 x 80cm

Get this brand new furniture at a low price in Gluocester UK

Wooden kitchen shelving unit

 Are you looking for a stylish yet functional kitchen organiser? Check out this wine glass storage and display area on this wooden kitchen shelving unit. The two large portions can be utilised to store a variety of objects ranging from decorations to culinary supplies. The bottom piece is intended for wine glasses to be hung. You may hang the entire piece up high to keep children away from it, and place all the breakable items on it for safekeeping.

The wooden kitchen shelving unit is delivered completely assembled and ready to hang on the wall in one piece. Wall anchors are not included in the kit. Buy now to give your kitchen a vintage feel.Multi coloured 6 drawer storage unit with baskets

This lovely multi-colored 6 drawer storage cabinet will look fantastic in any room of your house, particularly your children's room. If you've chosen a cutesy and attractive motif for your room, this piece of furniture is a must-have because it will complement the theme nicely while also assisting you in organising and keeping your belongings in order. The drawers or wicker baskets are made of fabric, while the structure is built of durable wood. These drawers are painted in different colours and are totally removable for improved organisation.

The Multi Colored Drawer Unit is lightweight and portable, allowing you to move it around and alter its location at any time. It is also kid-friendly, thanks to its size, weight, and contents, and is ideal for storing their toys or belongings. Whether you're a maker or have a toddler who is obsessed with Legos, the 6 multicoloured baskets provide the ideal storage solution. The 6 Drawer Storage Unit is delivered fully assembled and in one piece to your home.

Jungle big toy box 

The Jungle Big Toy Box from Liberty House Toys is a safari-themed big box with plenty of room for all of the toys. It's just a one-bix box with a wooden top and animal faces on the lid to pique children's interest. It's the perfect size to suit in any space and large enough to contain all of the toys in one spot.

Cleaning up after fun has been a lot easier thanks to the jungle huge toy box. Because it is lightweight, you can simply instruct your child to move it about and collect all of their toys in it. When it's time to study, match it with a chair so your child can easily complete their schoolwork on the flat top surface.

Get this brand new furniture at a low price in Gluocester UK

Kids play table and stool white and pine

Table and stool for kids to play on White and pine is a unique set with storage on both sides. It's a terrific method to use it as a sitting and working set while also storing your kids' additional tiny items. The paper roll that comes with the white and wood table makes it a fun method to draw on the table while sitting on a stool. When your child has finished sketching all over the paper, simply pull it off from one side, and new paper will be ready to use.

Kids play table and stool white and pine