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Best Furniture Brands In The UK

Furniture is an essential part of any living space and people take extra interest in selecting the best furniture from the brands. Just like seasons change, style trends in furniture also changes and people look for modern designs to decorate their homes. 
Over the past year, people have grown the mindset of supporting homegrown industries and individuals. Therefore, people look for Best Furniture Stores UK 2021 to shop for home or office furniture. 
If you are here, you must be wondering which furniture brands in the UK at the top, so you can make a suitable decision in choosing the furniture. We have listed the best furniture brands in the UK and you need to know them for sure. With this little overview, you will be able to get the best furniture for your home in 2021. 
Davidson London 
Are you interested in buying Art Deco style furniture?
This brand has taken its inspiration for furniture design from the Art Deco Period 1930s-1970s. It is a family-run design firm and named after the founding member, Richard Davidson. Due to the rich past and creations, the antique style of their furniture always fulfils their motto of contemporary and heritage mixture design. Their furniture category ranges from, game tables, dining room furniture, drink cabinets, bedsides table to many more. If you want some sharp shape furniture with antique and contemporary elements then must check them out. 
Chapel Street 
Chapel Street is an English furniture brand known for custom pieces. They have built their reputation on providing excellent handmade assorted furniture pieces as the clients want. They offer many options in selecting the design, fabric and other stuff of the furniture. It allows you to get tailor-made furniture for your home specific to your taste and home decor theme. Chapel Street makes upholstery and also cabinetry to complete the British style home of yours. 
Hyde House 
Fan of British furniture? then check out Hyde House. They showcase the bespoke, luxurious and tailored interior style furniture for your home or office or restaurant. The brand makes upholstery, cabinetry, console tables, coffee tables and related furniture pieces. They also provide custom pieces as per the client's request. N this way you can have a unique style of furniture for your home. You can get options in fabric finish, sizes, and many other customisable choices. The Hyde House are a master of traditional and cutting-edge technology designs and present the client's high-end furniture. 
Gerard Lewis Designs 
It is a well-known brand run by a husband and wife, Nick And Sandra Harvey. They are located in Essex and supply the furniture to luxurious homes and yachts. If you have extra money to spend then you should check out their luxurious collection loved by many. They hand-select every option from material to tiniest finishing details. The brand covers the traditional British and influenced styles in their furniture design. 
Want to shop for tables and tables? Check out Loom. 
Loom is a British brand based solely on selling accent tables. They are based in Bristol and make fine metalwork with timber wood tables. People with an appreciation for industrial design will love their collection of sleek and modern tables. They have versatile, lightweight and aesthetic collections that showcase a clean character. However, they can also play with design and make abstract panels from copper and brass, and pair it with a pebble-shaped tabletop. You must check out their full collection and add some design to your home. 
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