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Top expensive gifts for kids

When it comes to buying gifts for your kids, there is no limit. Especially if you like to spend extra bucks and buy them the expensive gift available, we have options for you. For your expensive taste, we have some gifts for kids that are over $50 to $150. 

If you are interested then check out these top expensive gifts for kids. 

1. Electric scooter L1 $394.30

Who doesn't like riding a scooter? Give the L1 electric scooter to your child or a loved one as a birthday present. It is a very useful, long-lasting, functional, and enjoyable item to use. Anyone would love to have it because it has so many extra features and is so easy to use.

Electric scooter L1


The L1 electric scooter has a smart control system with two modes (standard mode, sports mode). The four gears are tailored to various water environments and user groups.The battery compartment in the Electric scooter L1 is simple to disassemble and mount since it has its own waterproof design. The battery can be replaced in a matter of seconds by the user. The battery life can be customised to meet the needs of the user.

Automatic product detection, automatic standby, automatic shutdown, automatic safety, and other functions are all included in this intelligent control system.

2. Four drawer storage unit $166.04

If you're looking for a storage unit for your child's space, check out this four drawer storage unit with a bear design and eight parts. It is made of wood, is lightweight, and has four feet, making it simple to set up and move around a space. The adorable baby bear design makes it an ideal piece of furniture for a child's space, and the large storage section allows you to keep their belongings organised. Baby Bear Four Drawer Storage In Uk can be purchased online and used to decorate your child's room or nursery.

Four drawer storage unit

3. Multi coloured 6 drawer storage unit with baskets $120.11

This lovely multi-colored 6 drawer storage unit will look fantastic in any room of your house, especially your children's room. If you've chosen a cutesy and aesthetic theme for your home, this piece of furniture is a must-have because it will complement the theme perfectly while also assisting you in organising and keeping your belongings in order. The drawers or wicker baskets are made of cloth, and the frame is made of durable wood. These drawers are painted in various colours and are totally removable for better organisation.

Multi coloured 6 drawer storage unit with baskets

4. Fairy dressing table and chair $127.18

The dressing table and chair, which are beautifully decorated with a Fairy theme, will be ideal for your child. If she's playing with her dolls or getting ready for school, she'll have a good time with this pretty decorated dressing table with a drawer. Purchasing items for children is all about bright colours and cute designs, and luckily, this dressing table, along with the chair, has everything your child would enjoy.

Fairy dressing table and chair

5. Fairy desk and chair $113.05

The Child's Fairy Themed Desk and Chair, with its delicate pink colours and cheerful designs, is an ideal piece to buy for your children or to give as a gift to their children. The learning desk features a modern style shelf for neatly storing items in each of four parts, as well as a rack and an angled footrest for a more comfortable experience. The desk is complemented by a decorative chair with a footrest and a supportive back and seat. Make learning enjoyable for your children by purchasing a fairy and flower-decorated leaning table and chair kit.

Fairy desk and chair

6. Fairy dressing table and stool $98.91

This girl's dressing table is a must-have in any girl's bed, and you should get it for your kid. The tiny and lightweight fairy dressing table with a drawer and mirror, as well as the stool, is ideal for your toddler. The table stool collection is decorated with flowers and fairy and butterfly drawings from top to bottom to make it look lovely and exciting for your children. Add a new addition to your child's room by purchasing a kids dressing table at a reasonable price.

Fairy dressing table and stool

7. Safari big Toy Box for Kids $70.65

The Safari large toy box is ideal for storing toys after children have finished playing. It's a big, deep box with a safari design on it and plenty of room inside for all the toys and stuffed animals. The box also has a lid that your children can use to play with their toys. It has enough space for any kind of toy. It's compact and easy to carry around. It's easy for your child to drag it around when gathering toys and placing them inside.

Safari big Toy Box for Kids

8. Bookshelf white with pink bins $69.23

The White Bookshelf with Pink Bins from Liberty House Toys is a great play piece for your kids. It's divided into three parts where your child can neatly store their toys. It is divided into two parts on the bottom with deep pink fabric bins that can easily store any toys. When children are playing, they should keep their belongings neatly displayed on the shelf and tuck them away into soft bins when they are done. Purchase the Bookshelf white with pink bins for your children or as a gift for a loved one's child's birthday.

9.  Fashion girl toy box $63.58

A pretty pink toy box for girls is ideal for storing all of the dolls and toys in one place. You no longer need to search for various bags to store your toys because it has a large storage capacity that allows you to hold everything in one location. It's a simple toy box with a sturdy top where your child can play with his or her toys and then raise the lid to store their belongings. The pink colour scheme and bright doll theme pattern will add a fun pop-up element to your child's bed.

10. Star cars toy box $56.52

The White Wooden Star Cars toy box for kids is ideal for playing with cars and storing them in the wide space created by raising the tabletop. The play box will keep your children entertained if they like playing with cars. It's designed to be social, with a variety of designs and a race track where you can race your cars against your mates. When your child is finished playing, raise the playbox lid to gather all of the toys and store them in a deep storage room. The lid opens easily to allow access to the inside, and it can also be used as a bench without being opened.

Star cars toy box