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Best holiday gift ideas in Gloucester UK  

Looking for holiday gifts can be quite tiresome when you have no idea where to look and what to get on short notice. Lucky for you we have the short and quick solution for you. Here we have the best sellers at Fairgift shop under the holiday gift category. With teh help of these you can choose the best holiday gift in Gloucester UK for your loved ones and able to look at the wide variety. 

1. Women’s Bag

Women's Business Bag | Personal Leather Tote Business Bag | Fair Gift Shop

If you are confused about what to get your femal friend for Best holiday gifts in Gloucester UK  event then check out this Handcrafted leather business bag from Italy, classic and classy. It's constructed of top-grain pebble leather and handcrafted in Italy. The bag boasts a sophisticated design with twin handles and a lined interior, as well as a double zipper closure for ease of use. It includes three zipped compartments on the interior with enough space for a laptop, files, and other items to be kept secure. It also has a soft structure and two slip pockets.

Women’s Bag

The shoulder strap of the bag is simply adjustable, ranging from 82 cm to 115 cm. Purchase an Italian business bag for ladies to use on a daily basis or to give as a present to a friend.

2. Yoga Mat

Power Chi Yoga luxury cork mat premium quality rubber non-slip TPE 6 m

Yoga mat is one of the best Best holiday gifts in Gloucester UK. Cork has natural antibacterial qualities, allowing you to totally relax while meditating or practising pranayama breathing. The anti-slip TPE substance on the bottom gives excellent grip and keeps your hands and feet stable, which is particularly useful for some difficult yoga poses and flows. Moreover, it is lightweight and portable. 

Yoga Mat

The non-slip TPE rubber bottom is 6 mm thick, providing great cushioning and support while absorbing impact, making it suitable for usage on hard surfaces.

Dimensions: 183.5 x 61 cm.

3. Umbrella Stand 

Ceramic umbrella stand, monochrome umbrella print – FairGift 

With a stunning modern design, this attractive design offers the perfect finishing touch to your home. It's great for matching your decorating style in a traditional or contemporary setting. The umbrella stand has a vintage-inspired brown speckled surface, making it ideal for use as an umbrella or stick stand in the hallway or as a large vase for exhibiting a floral arrangement of dried flowers, twigs, or branches.

Umbrella Stand

This object is made of ceramic that has been gently distressed. This suggests that minor flaws were purposefully introduced throughout the production process. These give the item a more aged, 'antique' appearance than if it had been made to be faultless. These are designed to give a recently created object the weathered and well-used appearance of a much older item. This dishevelled appearance is not to be mistaken for a flaw.

3. Jewellery 

Simply Elegant Gold plated crescent pendant necklace Moon

No matter the occasion, you an never go wrong with a jewellery gift. 

Check out this Pendant with a super cool lariat for the Best holiday gifts in Gloucester UK. This is a really versatile piece that looks well on everyone. The work is a Stainless Steel Weld Chain that is both durable and strong. All of them are non-dull, hypoallergenic, and nickel-free, and can be used in your home. It looks great with any fashionable outfit. The feeling, on the other hand, is heightened when the clothing permits it to be seen.


The smallest chain is 35 cm long and can be extended to 39 cm. Beautifully gold-plated, it's a great addition to your jewellery collection.

It comes in a charming complimentary 'Simply Elegance' jewellery box that adds to the attractiveness of the gift.

4. Wall Clock 

Wall clock love heart metal skeleton vintage 

Check out this love heart metal skeleton vintage roman numerals decor black wall clock. It's ideal gift for a wedding, housewarming party, holiday, or any other happy occasion. The heart-shaped design is composed of tough black metal that won't rust or corrode and will keep its lustre and shape for a long time. It has a minimalist skeleton design with roman numerals that drew a lot of attention from buyers, who are looking for modernistic and minimalist clocks to match their contemporary decor. It uses a quartz movement and only requires one AA battery to get started. It is simple to hang on the wall without damaging the clock or the wall.

Wall Clock

5. Scented Candle

The candle has a lovely vanilla smell and is manufactured with beeswax and essential oils. What a wonderful addition to your home! On a lazy day, light it to fill your house with a lovely aroma. Hand-discharged pillar candles are steady, smokeless, dripless, phthalate-free, and lead-free. Due to its smooth texture, powerful vanilla aroma, and safe components, it has been our best-selling candle in our collection.


To preserve the smell, the scented candle comes in a sealed package. If you're only going to use it for a short period of time, make sure you pack it tightly because the aroma burns quickly when exposed to open air.

6. Decorative piece

Resin chef wine holder

A wonderful holiday gift in Gloucester UK for a wine enthusiast. A decorative resin chef wine holder ornament with a handmade butler holding a wine bottle and a scroll sign reading "house wine." It has an intricate design that is plainly visible and is hand-painted with a glossy finish. It is undoubtedly a lovely decorative object to have in one's home for aesthetic reasons.

It can easily accommodate standard-size wine bottles. Purchase a resin chef wine holder for your house or as a holiday or birthday present for a loved one.

7. Incense lover 

Ice Wizard vertical incense ash-catcher | Ice Wizard Vertical Incense Ashcatcher

This lovely Ice wizard vertical incense ash catcher is available in two lovely colours. The ashcatcher has a mystical pattern and is used for burning incense sticks. It gathers the ashes and keeps them from spreading all over your table. It's ideal as a Halloween or Christmas present because everyone enjoys having an aromatic environment in their house. This incense holder is the perfect gift for your loved ones, with its ice wizard and gem rock design. With only one click, you can purchase an incense holder or Decorative Incense Ashcatcher Ice Wizard for a low price.