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Best Clock Ideas For Gift

Wall clocks are a must for any home. Now people ignore simple round clocks but opt for a stylish and modern design wall and mantle clocks. If you ended up here then you must be looking for wall clocks for your home or giving them as a gift for someone for their new home. 

FairGift Shop has plenty of attractive and aesthetic wall clocks and you can check them out below:

Wall clock love heart metal skeleton

Wall clock love heart metal skeleton vintage roman numerals decor black is another great addition to our collection of beautiful and unique wall clocks. It makes a perfect gift for a wedding, housewarming party, holiday, or any joyous occasion. The heart-shaped design is made of durable black metal that does not damage or dent easily and retains its shine and shape for a long time. It has a minimalist skeleton design with roman numerals that attracted many customers as most look for modernistic and minimalist clocks that go well with their modern decor.

Large red morin pere and fils wall clock with pendulum

Red large vintage style Morin Pere & Fils round wall clock with a pendulum is a true English style wall clock. If you love home decor that is British style then you must get this for yourself. The red background with white numeral contrast beautifully and gives a vintage old style look. Moreover, it has a fully functioning pendulum at the bottom that you can use when you like it.

Gold Metal Mirrored effect wall clock

 The face of the clock is made of plastic and the design surrounding is made of metal which gives the impression of a gold mirror. It is a specially constructed wall clock with twelve gold metal mirrors spiked surrounding the face at an equal distance on a black plastic stick. The beautiful, attractive, and lightweight wall clock makes the room much fancier and good-looking with its mirror effect design. You can easily install it on the wall and make the space much more illuminating and extravagant. 

Large diamond peacock style metal wall clock    

The wall clock is made of a peacock feather-like design that spreads all around the main clock face. It looks more like a fancy decor piece than just a wall clock. Peacock style wall clock has been in demand because of its sparkly and beautiful design that mesmerizes everyone. It is made of silver metal that does not wear off over time and provides durability for a long time. 

Diamond effect metal wall clock

Diamond effect metal wall clock has a main metal clock face and bars stretching around it with diamond effect stones making it a one big wall clock. It is simple yet attractive due to its design and made with reliable material that does not lose its shine. Wall face does not have a covering on top and has a wall hanging attached to the back for easy and secure hanging on the wall. 

Mirrored mechanism clock

It is a uniquely designed wall clock with black numerals and a gear turning design in the middle. It is great for giving as a gift to your friend or family at a housewarming party. It adds character and style to the living space and definitely better than any round analogue clock. 

Golden metal geometry design wall clock

The absolute beautiful geometry design wall clock for modern homes. The golden bulky numerals and blackline designs make a great combo and make it an overall aesthetic piece. It is robust and lightweight. 

Copper winged wall clock

Copper winged wall clock with a glass cover is your best option here. The pink clock face with a glass top is connected with two copper wings that give it the shape of a clock bird. The fancy hands and long numerals complete the look of this beautiful copper winged wall clock. If you want a clock that is unique in design and goes well with your antique decor then get this copper winged wall clock with a glass cover. 

Large Clock with Hanging Chain

The large clock with a black wooden scalloped frame combined with a hanging chain and Roman numerals contrasts nicely with the white background of your wall. It makes a quite decorative and useful piece in your living area. It is made with a vintage appeal as you can see the roman numerals, metal hour and minute hands, unusual shaped frame, and retro look that makes it a unique and fabulous wall clock. The black and white theme adds an eye-catching factor to the large clock and makes it suitable for any theme colour room.

Brown cowboys hat clock

Are you a fan of the cowboy concept? Then you will surely love this Brown cowboys hat Clock. It is shaped in a Cowboy hat style with the main Clock body on top. The strap of the cowboy clock is made of brown faux leather and the rest is made of lightweight metal. It is easy to hang up in your room. Also, the white roman numerals along with red hand contrast beautifully on the brown body. Buy a Brown cowboy hat clock to replace your boring style wall clocks. 

Black & Silver metal flower wall clock

 It designed simple yet in a beautiful manner that simply makes your living space much more fancy and attractive. The Black & Silver metal flower wall clock has twelve black and silver metal flowers all positioned in hour marks with a diamond stone in the centre. It is made with robust metal that does not lose its shine or damages easily. The metal wall clock is suitable for any modern or antique decor themed room for you or make a nice gift for your friends or family.

Terracotta moon shadows clock by Lisa Parker

Terracotta moon shadows clock by Lisa Parker is a hot take for fantasy and myth lovers. The ceramic terracotta wall clock available in either bronze or silver finish with a striking motif of three hares gazing moon and roman numerals is a beautiful and attractive piece to have. The design or symbol on the clock represents growth and fertility in some mythologies. If you are a lover of fantasy or myths then you will surely love this terracotta wall clock in your home.