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10 Best Gift Ideas for Happy New Year 2021

Looking for new year gift ideas?

You have landed at the right spot. We have a collection of versatile gifts that you can give to your friends and family members. Check out the list below and more from our website to select the best. 

1. Wall Clock 

Terracotta moon shadows clock  

Lisa Parker's Terracotta Moon Shadows Clock is a common choice among fantasy and myth fans. The ceramic terracotta wall clock with a striking motif of three hares gazing moon and roman numerals, available in bronze or silver, is a lovely and elegant piece to have. In some mythologies, the pattern or emblem on the clock represents development and fertility. 

Wall Clock


2. Plant or Pot

Vintage ceramic plant pot

When it comes to gardening, these ceramic planters are a must-have. They'd be stunning as a focal point in your garden or on your patio. Because the material is frost resistant, you can rest assured that your planters will be safe during the colder months. Indoor planters for your conservatory or hallway are equally at home. The pot is made of ceramic and has a transfer printed design on it.

Plant or Pot

3. Thermal Mug 

Leak Proof Thermal Mug

Give your friends a reason to be environmentally friendly and reduce plastic waste with this gift.

The Leakproof thermal mug is ideal for long journeys. It's a thermal mug with a double-walled construction made of BPA-free stainless steel. The process aids in keeping the water warm for at least 6 hours. It is easy to clean and refill.

The thermal mug is an environmentally friendly solution for keeping your water or beverage warm for longer periods of time. On the outside, it's fashionable, and the rubber grip makes it comfortable to wear and move about with.

Thermal Mug

 4. Gift Set 

Incence cone stick gift set 

Incense cones are a lovely and relaxing addition to any home. There are four different colour variations available. Incense sticks, a ceramic incense cone holder, and a miniature ceramic elephant stick holder are included in the collection.

Purchase this lovely Incense cone stick gift package as a gift for a loved one on a New Year party. It is gift-wrapped and ready to be sent to friends and relatives.

Gift Set

5. Money Box

Saving to see the world money box 

Another great gift to give at the New Year event, a money-collecting box. 

A contemporary map in the background and a Wood money-saving box with a see-through glass and a quote on it that says "saving to see the world." The fascinating and entertaining box is ideal for saving money for travel or some other purpose. When you need to get the savings money out, it is simple to open from the back. Now is the time to buy and start investing.

Money Box

6. Game Set 

Check out these two fun party games to gift your friends on New Year’s party. 

Glass shot pong game  

If you or your friends enjoy playing drinking games, then this is the ideal gift for a new year party. Two white pong balls and two sets of six shot glasses are included with the shot pong board, with one hand labeled red and the other blue. The rules are simple: you must land your ball in the shot glass of your opponent in order for them to drink it. 

Game Set


Get this Battle shot drinking game for New Year Party. Players take turns hitting the enemy's ships, which are made out of shot glasses, in this game. The adversary must drink the shot glass if it falls. It's given the classic shot drinking game a fresh and exciting spin

9. Wireless Speaker 

Boom led wireless speaker with FM radio

Boom LED wireless speakers with FM radio make a perfect happy New Year present for your friends.

Boom LED wireless speakers with FM radio are the ideal companion for traveling or throwing a party at home. Its shape and size are similar to that of a can, making it convenient to store in a bag pocket and carry around. Furthermore, the wireless spear has LED lights that turn on when music is played. When connected to your phone or laptop, the wireless spear has a range of almost 10 meters.

Wireless Speaker

10. Planner 

Journalista Handmade Recycled Leather 

Gift your family member or friend a personalized journal at the start of the year. 

Journalista Handmade recycled leather A5 refillable journal where one can note down individualized notes and drawings. Two-tone Italian paper is available in simple or lined versions. It is made by a small Italian company that values recycled materials and is practical in its use of significant materials to reduce environmental effects. The exposed lining, along with the exquisite edge structure, demonstrates the masterful Florentine craftsmanship.


11. Bag

Holdall Rucksack 

If your friend is thinking of going on a trip during the holidays then gift them this bag on New Year. 

The tri-laminate PVC used in the Holdall Rucksack bags is 100 percent waterproof. It allows the bag to be used in any weather or situation. You may wear it to the gym, hiking, long days or nights spent outside, planes, or anywhere else.

It has a key zip compartment and is wide and foldable. The top has strong carry straps and padded shoulders that can be removed. Internal gear loops are stitched to the ends, and the bag's velcro support makes it easy to wear.

These rucksack bags come in three different sizes.


12. Decorative Piece 

Modern ceramic lamp 

A beautiful table lamp for illuminating a corridor or dark corner, as well as a bedside table lamp with a soft underside to cover your furniture. Its art deco styling and classic form make it suitable for a wide range of decorating styles. With a trendy home accessory, you can create mood lighting.

Decorative Piece