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Never spill magic mug

Never spill magic mug

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Name: Never spill magic mug

Material: PVC and Platform

Colour: Blue, Purple, Magenta, Red, Grey, Black

Dimensions: 17.8 x 15.6 x 11 cm

Weight: 320 g

Never Spill Magic Mug is a solution for all the accident spills on the desk and ruining files. If you are a coffeeholic and like to take your drink while working then it is highly likely that you have spilled it quite a few times. It comes as a tribute as a gift to all the employees working hard at their desk. 

Never Spill Magic Mug provides the ultimate stability during work and avoids any spill if you accidently swat your hand towards the cup. The bottom sticks to the desk and keep the mug in place so it won't move without you lifting it upwards. You can choose it from many beautiful solid colours as you like. 

Buy now or gift it to someone else who is in desperate need of this Never Spill Magic Mug.