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Kinds Of Trendy Unisex Bags To Shop For All

You must be looking for gender fluid bags to own for daily use and ended up here. 

In this modern world, everything you see or buy is becoming gender-neutral. People are getting rid of prejudices of certain things to own by a particular gender. Now designer and manufacturers are focusing on making products that are unisex and anyone can buy without a label. Bags are one of the most essential accessories and the industry is progressively shifting towards gender-neutral bags or bags for both male and females equally

Before you might see boys only own backpacks and men use briefcases, whereas women stick to tiny clutches or shoulder bags. Now, both genders can use the bag they want. Especially some categories have become gender-neutral. 

Let's look at some kinds of bags that are loved and used by both men and women equally.

Tote Bag

Tote bags are the most common kind of bag that is used by both men and women equally. It is a big rectangular shape which is perfect for carrying lots of items and therefore called as the shoppers’ bag. It is a simple yet sophisticated style bag for carrying on lots of occasions. People use it for shopping, during travel and anywhere they like as it can fit many essential items at a time. 

Tote Bag

The tote bag has longer handles and a sleek design that make it look professional and elegant. It can easily suit with an urban outfit or formal wear. These are made from fine leather and in darker colors mostly. The edgy and functional tote bag is best for any gender. 

Messenger Bag

The messenger bag is the most versatile and contemporary unisex bag. These were worn by messengers in an era and therefore have named messenger bags. These are cross body bags with spacious design and comfort. The messenger bags go great with urban and chick outfits of men and women. These bags are go-to bags when it comes to commuting because they can hold any kind of papers, books, laptop, and essentials easily while hanging comfortable and safely on the shoulder. The crossbody strap helps balance the weight on the body while easily carrying.

Tote Bag


Backpacks were initially associated with men only but over time many feminine designs backpacks were introduced for ladies. Now whether the design is bulky or light and tiny, backpacks are worn by both genders. These are the most functional bags when it comes to travelling, going on adventures, for athletes or any other situation. Backpacks are spacious and can hold every item safely while you carry them evenly on your shoulders. 


In the market, you will see heavy and bulky backpacks and also small and stylish backpacks with a unisex design. It can be used with a chic or business style outfit as it is functional and edgy in any situation. 

Are backpacks okay for business?

Yes, they are absolutely perfect for business. These are functional and looks professional for any occasion. 

What bags do businessmen use?

Businessmen mostly use Folio or leather business bag or briefcases for carrying laptop and important documents around. Both choices suit best with the professional attire and serve the purpose. 


If you are going for a sleek bag that can be held in a hand and look classy then opt for the folio. It is an iconic slim and average size bag that one can use to carry around gadgets or accessories for daily use. It is a timeless unisex bag that suits both casual college student and professional businessmen attire. The folio is usually held in a hand like a laptop but some bags have handles or shoulder straps for easy carrying. 

Folio Bags


It might look like a messenger bag in looks but the main difference is that it is now worn cross-body but on the side. These are worn by both men and women for carrying laptop, books, supplies, heavy items or anything essential. The satchel bag has buckles and clasps for a secure and safe closing and keeping the stuff in the bag. It is known for its versatility as it can be worn by any age group and professionals or students.

Satchel Bags

Final Words...

The unisex bags are not limited to these kinds but instead have a wide variety available in the market right now. You can buy some from FairGift Shop for yourself or friends. They are a great way of supporting the gender-neutral narrative and using what you like without a label.